Space Treat: Clear out the clutter of self-criticism.

At least once a week, I’m reminded that organizing is a process of self-love. I hear clients beating themselves up for not knowing how to stay on top of things, for not wanting to do this, for not having done this sooner, for not being able to do it themselves, for letting it get this way. I’ve also seen that when you clear out the self-criticism and replace it with self-love, the organizing process is truly a transformative experience.

As today is Valentine’s day, I invite you stop looking at the organizing process in this negative self berating manor. Instead, I offer you the following alternative: Organizing as a process of self-love. Organizing as a process of taking care of yourself, honoring yourself, nurturing yourself and as a way of respecting yourself when you choose to organize. Think of it as a way of giving yourself what you actually need to work, to enjoy your life, your home and your family more.

For example, I need to drink plenty of water while working out at the gym otherwise I’ll get dehydrated (trust me, I’ve been there and it’s not too fun.) I need to have a large desk, a phone and a computer to run my business. I need to have ink cartridges to use my printer. If I don’t have these things, then everything else just won’t work.

Organizing is not a mandate. It’s a tool that you can use if you want. If you want to use it, try enjoying it.

This week, when you notice self-criticism boiling up, just counter that thought with a touch of self-love.

And sometimes the most rewarding form of self-love is to pick up the phone and call us for a session. People do it everyday and I’m always inspired by their choice.

Organizationally yours,

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