Check all that apply:

You've accumulated a box full of phone cords, computer cords and a/c adaptors but probably no longer have the equipment it came with.

Your idea of dealing with receipts is shoving them in a shoe box.

You pay 2 out of every 5 bills late.

With all the late fees and finance charges you've accumulated, you could have hired The Spacialist by now.

You used to have 2 chairs in your office until your new client files took up permanent residence on one.

You keep buying more and more pens because the old ones seem to have run off with your missing socks.

You're still straining your neck on the phone instead of using a head set.

You're notoriously late for meetings.

You have a palm pilot and a filofax but your computer is still covered with post-it notes.

You love your business but can't stand looking at all the chaos in your office.

You write everything on your calendar and forget to look at it.

You never know where to file anything or how to find it.

You still think you can do this alone.