I read a book on organizing, then put lots of energy, expense and time into creating the outlined systems. The problem was I couldn't use or maintain them. Unlike the book, Erica is extremely intuitive and takes time to understand your personality and lifestyle. She provides excellent focus, support and motivation – you just can't get that from a book!

We started organizing while I was planning a cross-country move, caring for my toddler and baby, working part time and managing 2 rental properties. I thought I didn't have any time to get organized but it actually gave me back my time and my sanity. The move is less stressful, since I'm no longer moving my chaos and clutter and the organizing systems will easily transfer to the new home - I'm even excited to unpack!

After organizing with Erica, I lost a very expensive camera. The insurance company needed the original receipt or proof of ownership. Thanks to Erica, I found the receipt, the warranty, the manuals and even the accessories. I had my hands on all of it within minutes! If it hadn't been for Erica, I'd still be looking.

Thanks to Erica, I'm free of draining dialogue in my head caused by clutter. I have my energy back and a renewed sense of control. I feel extremely liberated! Now I accomplish things I had procrastinated doing forever! Using and maintaining the systems is only 10 percent of my life, not the 90 percent it used to be. I have my energy back which makes me much more productive. Organizing cleared the space and my mind!

Reneé Little