Erica Ecker is The Spacialist. She's a space visionary and she sure loves to organize.

In fact, she's been doing it her whole life.

As a child, Erica color-coded her doll's clothing and arranged her stuffed animals according to size. Every toy, from jacks and jump ropes to crayons and coloring books, lived in labeled containers. Erica didn't play with her toys – she organized them!

Sorting her collection of school supplies was the highlight of each September and writing assignments in her calendar was a joy. College dorm rooms brought a welcomed challenge – within hours they were glowing with orderliness. Who knew they could hold so much stuff? She did! Erica then organized her friends' dorm rooms. And later, after graduating from Emory University, she organized her friends' city apartments and suburban homes.

Erica's a natural-born pro at planning projects and setting up systems that work easily for others. Throughout her careers in advertising and film production, she consistently established and maintained efficiency in the workplace.

Soon the word spread. Everyone wanted to experience Erica's golden touch. And so, realizing her one true love, Erica started her own business. And The Spacialist was born.