Professional Organizers Help Moms-To-Be Prepare For Baby

Featured on NY1, May 7th, 2002

Preparing your home for a new baby can be an overwhelming process. Most people know what needs to be done but have no idea where to begin.

"It's this insanity to suddenly organize yourself or get control over feeling out of control," said mother-to-be Geri Besca, "because your body is changing, your hormones are flying all over the place."

That's when its time to call in Erica Ecker, a professional organizer who helps mothers-to-be with the laboring task of prenatal nesting.

"I'll come in and will help them determine all the paraphernalia they will need, from diapers, wipes and ointments to where they will keep everything so they won't need to step around the room moving back and forth to different quadrants," Ecker said, "so they can focus on the baby and have everything within arm's reach."

Once she evaluates your needs based on space and lifestyle, she then helps redesign the home so once the baby arrives, life can be as easy as possible. If there are siblings involved, she'll even rework that child's space to minimize the juggling act required with multiple children. Ecker said the first step is to make room by cleaning out and throwing out. Then it's time to focus on placement. The biggest mistake is not putting things in a spot that really makes sense," she said. "People will put things where there is an empty space just because it's empty space. So then they have to get up on tippy-toes to put bedding away or scrunch down on their knees and throw their back out putting it there."

Bins are by far her handiest tool. Ecker uses them for sorting everything from the first child's toys to books and clothing.

Separating clothes by size and season is one way to get organized, Ecker said. That way, as the child grows, everything will be easily accessible.

To have someone like Erica reorganize your home can start at a few hundred dollars and some moms-to-be say having a professional to help tackle this overwhelming task makes all the difference in the world.

And in the end, knowing you'll bring your baby home to a perfect environment provides peace of mind at what may be a chaotic time.

"When the baby comes, no matter how prepared you are or how many kids you've had, it's mass hysteria," Besca said. "You are never going to really feel on top of it and just to know that things in your house are where they should be helps your mind focus on what's really important, which is taking care of that little baby."

Jill Scott, NY1