For as long as I can remember, I was the classic pack-rat and procrastinator. I kept every scrap of paper and my entire apartment (and therefore my life) was a mess. I had no idea how much the weight of my clutter and mess prevented me from getting so many important things done in my life. I was the most resistant to change of anyone I knew, but Erica changed my life completely. She helped me part with things that I held onto for years and then she designed an organizational system tailored specifically for me.

I started this New Year feeling absolutely great!

The best part about Erica's approach is that it's not at all personally intrusive. She is very sensitive to the needs of her clients and makes the art of organizing a safe and sensitive environment - a quality that is essential for the person who can't seem to part with anything. I can not speak more highly of Erica, nor do I exaggerate when I say "she saved my life." She did, and I have much more of it now. Erica gets two BIG thumbs up.

Jon Gordon