Having served as a Supply Officer in the Naval Reserves for 35 years, I affectionately named Erica, "Major Pain". She's tough and doesn't take my b.s. or any of my plots to distract her. I learned late in life that I have A.D.D. and Erica provided the structure and focus I needed to get organized. She has the drive of a drill sergeant but is also very compassionate and empathetic. If it weren't for Erica, my office would still be knee-high with all my stuff. I couldn't even tell the gems from the junk. When you accumulate clutter, everything clings to you. Now, I feel liberated and unencumbered. I feel as if I've just come out of a forest thick with bramble and into a spacious and calm clearing. I never thought I would say this –

"I love my office!!!"

Bill Higgins