These days I am actually excited to walk into my children's closet. Before working with Erica, I dreaded every footstep through the stashed-away bags, boxes, old clothes, toys and junk that piled from floor to ceiling. Then, I experienced Erica's magic, and I now have a user-friendly, structured and convenient system of shelves and floor space that makes sense and works well with our need for a multi-purpose baby's clothing and storage closet.

Throughout the past couple of years we have witnessed the common space of our apartment transform from a shared living and playing area to a crowded toy warehouse. In a mere few hours, Erica created a plan that entailed a lot of discarding, switching some bedroom and living-room objects and creating a logical and consistent system of bins and baskets that also conforms to the design of our home. Thanks to her wonderful skills, we not only feel less cluttered, but both the children and adults can claim their space again.

Alison Gottsegen